Ad watch reports to be shared across Ohio

by Gregory Korte on July 10, 2008

It’s been 15 years this fall since my byline last appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. This week, it was back.

The Cincinnati Enquirer has joined a consortium of Ohio newspapers pooling resources to fact-check election year political ads. Each paper will take turns reviewing an ad for accuracy, and share the story with the other papers. I’ll be the primary reporter for the Enquirer. Other papers participating are the Plain Dealer, The Columbus Dispatch, The Dayton Daily News and the Canton Repository.

It’s part of a larger cooperative being formed by most of Ohio’s largest daily newspapers to share stories as an alternative to the Associated Press. (See coverage in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and WNYC’s On The Media.)

My first Ad Watch report, on the Obama campaign’s “New Energy” ad, appeared in the Plain Dealer, the Columbus Dispatch and the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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